5thColumn LLC is a boutique firm of Subject Matter Experts with a grass-roots approach to resource development.  Our consultative service offerings primarily focus on 5 core areas of design, operation, implementation, optimization, and management. These skills are always centered on Security, with a majority of engagements falling into one of the following areas; Networks, Security, DataCenter, Cloud Services, and Mobility.  5thColumn (5C) combines ground breaking technology, NextGen architectures, and Cloud services with subject matter expertise to deliver highly secure and managed, Data Center, Cloud, and Consultative solutions, for market leading organizations on a global scale. Our solutions are engineered from the ground up leveraging real world experience with next generation technologies such as “Elastic” Cloud Computing, Openstack, Information Dispersal, Geo-Distributed compute and advancements in virtualization to increase density and performance around key infrastructure elements maximizing ROI.

5thColumn’s staff of Cisco CCIE / CCNP engineers collaborate with our security experts creating truly innovative products around Network, Storage, Virtualization, and Mobility.  With new facilities including Tier 3+ Data Center in downtown Chicago, our solutions and framework for delivery are engineered to include security and assurance as a foundation for successful, continued operations despite the growing complexity of risk management. This methodology ensures your digital assets and data are highly secured throughout your unique businesses lifecycle. Whether it be local, data center, or cloud based data, our solutions incorporate the latest products and technologies from leading vendors to deliver ultra-high performance networks and infrastructure providing executive leadership with the confidence and assurance their business is secure and their data is protected. From the creation point, through to disposal event 5thColumn enables businesses to monitor their assets and mitigate risks whether inside the business or out.  The reputation of guaranteed results that = true innovation!

As the IT security industry evolved into a more mainstream function, expertise was lost and automated tools became the foundation of practitioners.  This trend led to the development of procedures and methods that create a predictable result.  5thColumn brings the expertise back into the equation and identifies quantitative risks to not only applications or systems but also to procedure and operations that cobble the performance of the business.  We understand that organizations knowledge has evolved to understand the costs, both fiscal and otherwise, associated with a breach, intrusion, or otherwise ineffective compliance strategy.  These factors, in conjunction with our passion for IT Security, drives us to provide a true enterprise assessment and not a routine procedure tool that will set off your existing protective measures and produce a predictive result.  It should always be considered that by the nature of the exercise itself, the service provider should attempt to perform as much of the assessment in a manner that is as close to “real world” as possible and to identify the current strengths and components to be leveraged to increase the return on existing investments, decrease operational overhead, proactively identify threats, and adapt to evolving business risks.  By harnessing these key attributes, Information Assurance becomes a transformative opportunity from a traditional “prohibitive” technology to one that creates optimization opportunities.

What our clients say

“..They applied their security expertise and delivered a highly secure / high performance data access and storage solution with almost no cost increase or schedule drift. Thank you..”
Richard Wesley
Executive In Charge, Network Operations
Advanced Research Technologies