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"Uncommonly Experienced" and "Uniquely Capable".

With a heavy emphasis on security built into every project we engage in, we ensure your data is available, resilient, and protected. We service companies of all sizes and verticals with hosted, outsourced, or traditional on site deployment options and products.

We stand ready to deliver the industry's most comprehensive menu of data protection and IT service capabilities at military grade protection.

Here are some notable agencies we have worked with:

Department of Homeland Security Department of Defense Department of Justice Department of Energy Executive Office of the President of the United States Secret Service


Who we are

Who we are

5thColumn, LLC is a full service information technology company centered on next generation cyber threat protection and enterprise data security.

We are true technology partners who take the time to understand your business requirements and build a strategy to mitigate the risk of data breaches and ensure system reliability across the entire enterprise.

We specialize in critical test automation, network design, advanced encryption, protocol development, and incidence response. Our visionary approach to IT infrastructure design creates a roadmap that is sustainable, secure, and ready for future growth.

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Data security experts

Trusted by industry

We are a trusted advisor among many Fortune 500 / Global 1000 companies.


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Who we serve

Who we serve

We serve any industry in the private and public sector.

Whether it is credit card records or highly sensitive intelligence documents, we have the expertise and track record to protect and manage all of your data assets.

Maximum security is our specialty

We specialize in providing data security to high risk, high stakes organizations. With grassroots connections in working with aerospace and defense contracts we have the knowledge and experience to guarantee safe IT operations and lowest possible risk of breach in the industry.

Healthcare sector Financial sector Technology sector Manufacturing sector Retail sector Government Agency National Defense Research & Development Critical Infrastructure

See increase in benefits and confidence when working with 5thCOLUMN, LLC.

Benefit : Patient confidentiality Benefit : Customer records confidentiality Benefit : IP Protection Benefit : Uptime Reliability Benefit : Customer confidentiality Benefit : National Security Benefit : Homeland Security Benefit : IP Protection Benefit : National Security

Risk : Data breach Risk : Data breach Risk : Loss of data Risk : Loss of IP Risk : Data breach Risk : Espionage Risk : Breach of Security Risk : Loss of Intellectual Property Risk : Emergency situation

How We Serve

How we serve

Best in breed. Best practices.
We have proven frameworks that deploy quickly.

5C Enterprise Security

Enterprise data security service

Information Security is now essential to any size business in order to prevent and respond to costly, and potentially embarrassing security incidents. 5thColumn works closely with you and your staff to identify and address each concern without disrupting your ability to do business.



Cyber security and intelligence platform

BOSS™ keeps your business thriving by resolving threats to your productivity as they happen - through advanced algorithmic automation, 24/7 monitoring, and proactive actions. Take your company to the next level by focusing on what you need to - and let BOSS™ worry about the rest.


Our teams have the combined experience to deliver high performance solutions to your enterprise or government agency.

24/7 Monitoring, Protection, Support

We have the manpower. At 5thColumn, we have a track record of building highly effective teams to monitor your data assets and keep your business running the way it should be. The outcome is a result that exceeds the most demanding expectations.

Seamless, Powerful, Cloud-based infrastructure

We have the infrastructure. Our new Tier 3+ data center in downtown Chicago has enabled us to provide absolute reliability and assurance that your data assets are always highly secured and available.

Why We Serve

Why we serve

We believe that a secure peace of mind promotes executive leadership and confidence.

Whether it be local, data center, or cloud based data, our solutions incorporate the latest products and technologies from leading vendors to deliver ultra-high performance networks and infrastructure. This promotes executive leadership with the confidence and assurance that their business data is secure and protected.

We have over 10 years of experience and counting with a reputation of guaranteed security. Having a track record of building very effective teams we ensure your most important data assets are monitored and handled with extreme care.



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