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We are focused on your concerns about cybersecurity.

5thColumn specializes in providing cybersecurity to high-risk, high-stakes organizations. Our team has the knowledge and experience to guarantee safe IT operations and lowest possible risk of breach in the industry.

Our vendor agnostic services and products are designed to ensure that customers maintain a state-of-the-art barrier from malicious events and activities. 5thColumn's solutions can be seamlessly integrated into any existing network, optimizing currently deployed tools and simplifying operations.

Whether you need to protect and secure payment card information or highly sensitive customer data, we have the expertise and track record to protect and manage all of your data assets.

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Providing your business the highest measure of security

We primarily work with small to mid-size businesses (SMBs) in the healthcare, manufacturing, finance and legal verticals.

However, we have the ability to serve any industry in the private and public sector. SMBs are often ideal targets for attacks due to the size of their IT teams and smaller technical budgets.

Attacks / Day

According to IBM, SMBs add up to 62% (or 4,000/day) of all cyber-attacks.


Chance of Attack

33% of SMBs have been hit by a ransomware attack in the last year.


Avg. Recovery Cost

According to the Ponemon Institute, the internal cost for an SMB to recover from a targeted attack often exceeds $1,000,000.

How We Serve

Helping you manage better, faster, and more secure than ever before.

We are offering better ways to handle your cybersecurity and data management needs.

Streamlined Strategy

Professional Services

We have several types of assessments and services available to provide a holistic review of a customer's security architecture and overall readiness. These are designed to identify vulnerabilities and provide critical insights for security strategy development.

Through our professional services, each client requirement is approached with one goal in mind: to achieving security solutions addressing defined requirements, ultimately making your organization more secure than ever before.


Simplified Management

Managed Services

5thColumn has a variety of Managed Services available to provide comprehensive security monitoring and management to customers. Our proprietary platform, BOSS™, allows 5thColumn the unique ability to oversee day-to-day operations, while also providing expert consultative services.

We bring the expertise of business consulting, capabilities of expert solutions, and consistency of outsourced/managed IT operations and security to our Managed Services. These services provide a scalable infrastructure, meeting both current and future demands of the business. The infrastructure is designed in a manner that provides the greatest impact on shareholder value, ROI, and enterprise value.

What we Offer


Our proven frameworks deploy quickly to protect your enterprise immediately.

You focus on leadership and innovation – we'll provide the peace of mind knowing your enterprise is protected.

Whether your systems are in the office, in your data center, or in the cloud, our solutions incorporate the latest products and technologies from leading vendors to deliver ultra-high-performance networks and infrastructure. Our core services include:

MSSP 24×7 Monitoring

Our central knowledge plane allows 5thColumn to proactively manage your defensive strategy and deployed systems to dynamically adapt them based on the latest, most sophisticated threat intelligence available.

5thColumn consistently recruits expert cyber security talent to staff our security operations centers (SOCs) supporting our wide range of customers.

Our number-one priority in the SOC is to protect a customer's brand reputation.

With expanded cyber regulations on the horizon, 5thColumn is constantly updating the SOC to meet these requirements protecting its clients.

Data Protection

5thColumn provides innovative up-to-date data protection and prevention technologies. The 5thColumn security leadership team has developed a methodology to assist our customers in building their data protection strategy and process, with a focus on:

Developing an employee training program that can make or break your data protection process

Spreading awareness about your organization's data security policies

Refining policy management processes in place to ensure that new policies are created and managed effectively

Increase Return

Intelligence gathering, machine learning, and automation provide our clients with superior cyber security capabilities, including immediate alerting and warning of new threat activity and regularly scheduled strategic, operational, and technical reporting. We cover targeted intrusion, hacktivism, and other common cyber crime behaviors with routine analysis and remediation of their tactics, techniques, and procedures. We leverage over one hundred APIs and intelligence feeds, with rules for easy integration with your existing infrastructure. We employ SIEMs, Threat Intelligence Platform, and quick malware research to stay ahead of attackers.

Code Scans

5thColumn's code scanning services leverage the industry's best tools to provide both your code assessor and development team a set of actionable data to patch vulnerabilities before your code goes live.

Cyber Intelligence

With data breaches now affecting national political and economic systems, 5thColumn's expertise coupled with modern big data analysis provides a scalable, elastic offering to companies at a predictable cost. We know the “where, what and how” when it comes to cyber intelligence.

Incident Response

Accelerate your network incident response, investigation and containment with a 5thColumn model. Although SIEMs reduce a large volume of data, they still generate more indicators of compromise (IoC) than your team can quickly investigate, and locating a compromised device can be a time-consuming manual task. Don't be stuck sifting through mountains of logs after a breach — when every second counts.



Focused on achieving your cybersecurity goals

5th Column's "Business Operational Security Suite" or BOSS™ gathers all of an organization's tools into a single dashboard or "single pane of glass".

With BOSS™, you can manage all your data security applications from one dashboard, quickly.

This allows organizations to allocate financial and technical resources elsewhere.


Seamless integration - reducing your costs

Our solution is agnostic to customers' current security tools; once deployed, it unifies and improves performance across all manufacturer's solutions

Simplification and customization - saving your time

BOSS™ combines all existing security functions into a single pane of glass, giving the customer better control and better visibility into what is occurring in real-time.

Automation - minimizing your risks

Unlike the majority of security tools that only alert customer to problems, 5thColumn's A.I. solution instantaneously and dynamically adjusts network configuration to protect vital network and data assets.

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