We Are A Full-Service Information Technology Company Centered On Next Gen Cyber-Threat Protection and Enterprise Data Security.

We are true technology partners who take the time to understand your business requirements and build a strategy to mitigate the risk of data breaches and ensure system reliability across the entire enterprise. We specialize in critical test automation, network design, advance encryption, protocol development, and incidence response. Our visionary approach to IT infrastructure design creates a roadmap that is sustainable, secure, and ready.

Maximum security is our specialty – We serve any industry in the public and private sector

Whether it’s credit card records or highly sensitive intelligence documents, we have the expertise and track record to protect and manage all of your assets.

We specialize in providing data security to high risk, high stakes organizations. With grassroots connections in working with aerospace and defense contracts, we have the knowledge and experience to guarantee safe IT operations and lowest possible risk of breach in the industry.

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Best in breed. Best practices. We have proven frameworks that deploy quickly and keep your enterprise safe.

We believe that a secure peace of mind promotes executive leader and confidence. Whether it be local, data center, or cloud data, our solutions incorporate the latest products and technologies from leading vendors to deliver ultra-high performance networks and infrastructure. Our core services include:
MSSP 24×7 monitoring
Our central knowledge plane allows 5thColumn to progressively manage your defensive strategy, products, technologies, and dynamically adjust/tune them based on the latest and most sophisticated threat intelligence available.
  • 5thColumn consistently recruits expert cyber security talent to staff our security operations centers (SOCs) supporting our wide range of customers.
  • Our number-one priority in the SOC is to protect a customer’s brand reputation.
  • With new cyber regulations taking effect over the next few years, 5thColumn is constantly updating the SOC to meet these requirements protecting its clients.
Data Protection
5thColumn provides innovative up-to-date data protection and prevention technologies. The 5thColumn security leadership team has developed a methodology to assist our customers in building data protection strategy & process. These includes:
  • Proper training program that can make or break your data protection process
  • How to spread awareness about your organization’s data security policies
  • Policy management processes in place to ensure that new policies are created and managed effectively.
Increase Return
Intelligence gathering, machine learning and automation provide our clients with superior cyber security capabilities. Some of these capabilities include immediate alerting and warning of new threat activity, weekly, periodic and quarterly strategic, operational and technical reporting. Coverage of targeted Intrusion, hacktivist and e-Crime behaviors presenting routine analysis and remediation, analysis of more than 103 threat risk, their tactics, techniques and procedures, 101+ APIs, feeds, and rules for easy integration with existing infrastructure, SIEMs, Threat Intelligence Platform, with quick malware research to stay ahead of attackers.
Code Scans
5thColumns code scanner tools are strong at finding the simple recurring problems within code that is introduced during development. Leveraging the industry’s best tools to provide both the code assessor and developer a set of focused data so that they may concentrate their efforts on finding security bugs and fixing them before the code goes on to testing or into production.
Cyber Intelligence
With Data breaches now affecting national political and economic systems, 5thColumn’s expertise coupled with modern big data analysis provides a scalable, elastic offering to companies at a predictable cost. We know the “where, what and how” when it comes to Cyber Intelligence.
Incident Response
Accelerate your network incident response, investigation and containment with a 5thColumn model. SIEMs reduce a large volume of data, they still generate more indicators of compromise (IoC) than your team can quickly investigate. That follows when just locating a compromised device – physically or logically — can be a time-consuming, manual task.

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We are trusted advisors among many Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies.
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