5thColumn and NSI understand that cybersecurity is not just a network technology concern; it is a company survival concern. Incident response is a vital part of any cybersecurity posture.


The variety of malicious and dangerous cyber activities that target companies have greatly advanced. They’ve advanced to the point that security is a critical component of managing all corporate risk. ¬†Recent studies show more than 50% of companies are not prepared to deal with a cyber attack – meaning they don’t have an effective incident response plan in place. Protection of your data assets is the proper first step to reducing risk and ensuring business continuity. Proper detection and response planning is vital to decrease the likelihood of negative impact.


5thColumn and NSI‘s IR management capabilities stand ready to support your organization. We’ll help in ¬†addressing a current incident or planning for future attacks. There are multiple options available to decrease risk, ensure rapid response, and protect forensic information:

  • Incident response retainer
  • Strategic evaluation
  • Time & material engagement
5thColumn and NSI have developed a process for effective incident response, in the case of a breach.



For more information on 5thColumn and NSI’s approach to incident response, please email alison@5thcolumn.net or pj@5thcolumn.net


You can download the PDF of this document here.