5thColumn had the opportunity to participate at Cisco Live for the first time in the company’s history by being invited to exhibit in the Security Partner Village – an invite-only opportunity for select Cisco Security Partners. Over the course of the event, we drew thousands of people to the booth via our social media campaigns, desirable give-aways (wireless headphones, an iPad, and brand new Apple watches), and of course, the tactics of Rory Wheeler.


Another highlight was 5C Founder and CTO, Ray Hicks, had a major draw to his lecture where he presented our new MSSP platform, BOSS™.


BOSS™ consumes and normalizes large volumes of data without introducing substantial delays, integrates up-to-date security intelligence in threat detection, accurately and reliably isolates potential threats through analysis, enrichment and tagging of collected information, validates and substantiates potential threats, calculates the most effective mitigation tactic based on available technologies, reports on validated and substantiated threats via dashboard/alerts, simplifies infrastructure security operations and maximizes time to market and customer value.


Using BOSS™, 5thColumn’s managed services effectively identify and manage threats to customer networks. BOSS™, with 5thColumn’s ‘white glove’ security services, enables clients to understand and navigate complex and fragmented IT environments. The unique integration capabilities are agnostic and easily integrated with existing IT systems. AI and Machine Learning use advanced algorithmic automation for quick and cost-effective threat detection, validation, and remediation. 5thColumn is also the first cybersecurity company in the world to offer a Cyber Warranty for the services performed for their clients. A Cyber Warranty provides ongoing monitoring of cybersecurity risk, in the event of a reportable data breach, the warranty covers the cost of your professional services required to remedy the breach.


We had a fantastic time in Vegas and are already looking forward to being in Orlando next year!