5thColumn spent the day at Wrigley Field with Securematics, Victor O. Schinnerer and many other friends in a successful partner engagement on Thursday, August 3rd. The morning started with several vendor presentations offering exciting information on new technologies, products and plans for the future. Matt Kletzli from Victor O. Schinnerer presented our game-changing Cyber Warranty. 5thColumn is of course the first company in the world to be able to offer such a warranty and it has already gained a lot of attention and distinguished 5thColumn as an innovator and trusted advisor. Like Matt said, “Offer your clients a cyber warranty and put your money where your mouth is.” A cyber warranty will differentiate your company, stabilize your client’s budget and build your reputation as a trusted advisor.


Rain delayed the Cubs game for much of the afternoon, but it helped to enhance the networking. While there wasn’t much baseball to watch, there were plenty of new friends to meet, ideas to share and connections to be made. With help from our friends at Securematics and Schinnerer, 5thColumn is knocking it out of the park. Thank you again to Securematics, Samsung and all of the other partners for hosting and attending the rooftop event.

Pictured here: John O’Mara, Victor O. Shinnerer / PJ Klapperich, 5thColumn / Matt Kletzli, Victor O. Schinnerer