Last Thursday night’s (April 20th) Cybersecurity Networking event included discussions on a handful of some of the latest cyber security products, food, drinks, and sub par bowling scores. The event was designed to be informal, fun, and informative to the IT professionals in attendance.


The discussions highlighted some of the latest cyber security products and approaches offered by Trap X, Menlo Security and 5th Column. Our Director of Marketing, Michaela Neatherton, highlighted our recently launched cyber security warranty program and its unique benefits. Menlo Security spoke about their patented isolation services, while Trap X explained their isolation platform and their unorthodox approach to cyber security. Following the discussions, attendees had the chance to bowl and do some networking.


A special thank you to our friends at TrapX Security, Menlo Security and especially all of you who came out and attended Thursday’s networking event.


The feedback we have received from those in attendance has been positive and we hope to host another event soon. Be sure to check our website for details on upcoming events and workshops.