report released by Gartner stated that global infosec spending will increase almost 5% from 2015 – bringing the total spend to $81.6 billion. This increase is being fueled by more companies understanding the need and importance of a secure network as major insurance firms will not provide coverage unless the company has adequate coverage in the event of an attack. Plus, theft of data is far more expensive than having proper prevention and response procedures in place.

“Organizations are increasingly focusing on detection and response, because taking a preventive approach has not been successful in blocking malicious attacks,” Senior Research Analyst Elizabeth Kim said. “We strongly advise businesses to balance their spending to include both.”

Since focus has shifted towards incident response (IR), 5thColumn is continually improving our IR methods and deployment timelines. Most security providers take up to 200 days to detect an anomaly and an additional few days to deploy IR. 5thColumn can detect something in less than 24 hours and deploy IR in less than ONE HOUR.

Gartner’s findings also show that data loss prevention technology will continue its growth. The analyst firm estimates that by 2020 as many as 90 percent of all companies will have implemented some form of DLP measure (Cisco).