Cybersecurity Month in Review: September 2017




September was a frustrating month in the world of cybersecurity. For those of us in the industry, watching the Equifax story unfold was like watching a train wreck happen in slow motion. We know what’s coming, we know what they’re doing wrong, and there’s nothing that can be done to stop it.


Everyone was either effected by the breach or knows someone who was. The confusion out there about what to do next doesn’t help. The lack of honest, straight forward communication from Equifax executives is infuriating. But above all else, it’s hopefully a wakeup call for those organizations that do not have a strong incident response plan in place to step-up. It’s never too late for a company to reevaluate their cybersecurity posture or to run drills that would help them prepare for a worst-case-scenario. At the very least, we hope that organizations of all sizes step up the training and education for their staff because in order to have a strong security plan, every employee needs to be on board.


Here are the articles we wrote around the Equifax breach, their incident response strategy, and what customers should look out for:


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As a reminder, 5thColumn has incident response services to help customers when a breach does happen. We also offer high-level assessments, as well as employee training to educate staff members of basic cybersecurity knowledge. Please get in touch with us if you think we could help.