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At 5thColumn, we work among an uncommonly experienced, talented, and proven team of interesting people. We have unlimited exposure to cutting-edge technology with the best iron available creating limitless opportunities for professional growth and collaboration. The collective committment to effective, proven, secure solutions results in a highly rewarding culture where your fullest potential can be realized.

We consistently excel in the assimilation of cutting edge technologies and their potential within the enterprise. Our brand is an extension of our core values and craftsmanship uniquely shaped by the individual contributors. The individual contributors are vital to our growing success in creating secure, dependable solutions for our growing list of customers. We are constantly hunting top talent to expand our horizon and challenge ourselves to reach new heights.

- Raymond Hicks, 5thColumn, LLC.



We are a leading secure IT solutions provider headquartered in Chicago, IL experiencing tremendous growth.

As a result we are creating new and unique opportunities for talented professionals and engineers. 5thColumn, LLC is currently recruiting world class Network, System, & Security engineers as well as Network Architects for immediate hire. Roles will support the evolution of infrastructure requirements and service delivery of the 5thColumn BOSS™ Security Platform, Ensemble™ Cloud Assessment infrastructure, global network convergence, fault tolerance and design specifications.

Candidates should expect to lead or participate in projects spanning our Global 1000 customer list as well. This is an excellent opportunity to work with some of the best and brightest engineers in the industry while developing your own skills in a fast paced, highly collaborative environment. 5thColumn is a unique opportunity if you are ready to challenge yourself!

How to get started:

Take a look at our current opportunities and see which position is right for you.

You can also send us an email with your cover letter and resume included.

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Insider view

We are interested in what interests you. 5thColumn has a keen initiative for professional development and offers employees an annual budget to pursue or augment their existing skillsets. This includes purchasing professional training / bootcamps, related books, attend conferences, and take relevant courseware.

As a contributor to the 5thColumn team, here is what you can expect from day one:

  • A generous salary and individualized benefits. The evolution and success of each individual contributor uniquely shapes the future of 5thColumn without limits.
  • The best health, vision, and dental insurance available. Each employee is in control of their own individualized healthcare package. 5thColumn just pays the bill.
  • Expansive opportunities to develop your craft, mentor or be mentored, or perhaps take on leadership responsibilities. 5thColumn has a storied history authored by several "self-starters".
  • Individual access to corporate professional resources. Need financial advisory services, we've got you covered. Healthcare advisor? Check that box too...

  • Tomorrows Technology. This is a team of engineers and its our duty to ensure you have all the preferred tools to get the job done, period!
  • Progressive / open-workspace. Workspace is an extension of you, so doesn't it make sense to enable the employee to choose their instruments? Like to stand while you work? Preference for personalization.
  • A passion for company culture. 5thColumn is committed to creating a unique corporate culture. We understand spending 40 plus hours a week under flourescent lamps may not be your idea of paradise. Every reasonable effort is made to accommodate employee requests.


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