Use case scenarios

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Case 1: Vendor Selection

What do you do when it comes to selecting a data security vendor?


Partner Organizations are unable to provide security vendor recommendations due to:

  • Maintaining vendor agnosticism
  • Lack of security specialization
  • Contradicts existing customer infrastructure and existing partnership

How we can assist

5thColumn can assist by:

  • Validated security architectures designed to provide turn-key customer solutions
  • A foundation of best in class security vendors to pull from
  • In house specialists with a strong understanding of how to optimize a customer’s security spend to provide maximum benefits

Case 2: Board Review

How do you convince the board that data security services are needed?


Partner Organizations struggle with providing:

  • A customer focused security message that resonates with the Board
  • Board level metrics that articulates an organization’s security progression
  • Quantifying how industry peers are doing in this space

How we can assist

5thColumn can assist by:

  • A report that articulates how an organization is doing from a security perspective
  • Comparisons for how that organization’s security strategy compares to others in their peer group
  • A organization perspective as based not only on traditional assessment information but also against dark web farmed information
  • Guidance on to best adapt a customer’s security strategy to provide the most immediate value

Case 3: Security Health Checks

What do you do when the business needs a company-wide data security health check?


Partner Organizations lack the resources or skill set to:

  • Provide assessments of a customer’s security solutions to understand gaps an limitations
  • Map a customer’s security strategy against industry standards and best practice guidelines
  • Provide recommendations and changes to insure that a customer’s security strategy provides the most value and remains operationally efficient

How we can assist

5thColumn can assist by:

  • Assessment services such as Architecture review, Policy and Configuration analysis, Vulnerability Assessments and Risk Assessments
  • Security Industry experts that can provide direct operational insight

Case 4: Incident Response

What do you do during or after data security incident?


Partner Organizations lack the resources or the skill set to:

  • Address cyber breaches
  • Triage and remediate threats already present in an organization
  • Recommend technical security strategies to prevent further outbreaks

How we can assist

5thColumn can assist by:

  • Direct incident response services leveraging a wealth of security specialists to discover and help remove threats
  • Analysis for how the incident took place
  • Recommendations to help prevent future attacks

Case 5: Managed Security Services

What do you do when your technology partner is comprosing your data security?


Partner Organizations lack the resources, tools, or the skill set to:

  • Provide 24x7 monitoring of a security network
  • Threat knowledge to properly understand network attacks and remediate
  • Network context to reduce false positives and insure alerts are relevant
How we can assist

5thColumn can assist by:

  • Full Management or monitoring of a customer’s security infrastructure
  • Alerts and reports that provide metrics on how the organization’s security investments are performing
  • The ability to better visualize and identify threats using our StackBOSS™ platform

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