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Our Strategy

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Enterprise Security


Our next generation assessment is delivered using our proprietary BOSS™ Security Orchestration Platform. Deployed within hours, effective within minutes. Uniquely Capable

We are dedicated to assisting your organization to maintain an integrated security infrastructure that can prevent the effect of known or future security vulnerabilities.

Always Alert

24/7 Monitoring

Anywhere, anytime, all the time.

This is the mantra of our support for our clients. Rest assured, we are available when you need us.

Information Security is now essential to any size business in order to prevent and respond to costly and potentially embarrassing security incidents. We work closely with you and your staff to identify and address each concern without disrupting your ability to do business.

The team at 5thColumn came in with very short notice, analyzed our situation and quickly worked through our challenges with a high level of technical and professional knowledge. They brought the right resources to the table and worked diligently to identify and resolve our issues quickly.
- Tim Walter, Chief Information Officer, Akoo International Inc.

Data Protection

Data Protection

Information is the lifeblood of a company.

As a business, your data is likely considered highly valuable intellectual property and must be identified and protected.

Data Classification

Data is the center-point of all information security risks. In addition to proprietary data, an organization must also certify the confidentiality and security of information and systems that handle partner and/or customer details or data.

Identifying the data assets that should be protected, where that data resides, who can access the data and ultimately how it is being stored and utilized can be one of the largest tasks facing any organization.

Increase Return

Increase Return

Regain control and maintain costs.

Organizations are challenged to meet the demands of the business while maintaining their much needed security posture while staff struggle to reduce operational expense, attempting to optimize and manage their IT complex environments. 5thColumn's experience and expertise helps your business regain control and maintain costs.

By working with your business and assessing your current topology, security products, policies, and controls, 5thColumn will leverage your existing investments to increase the return and optimize performance.

The 5thColumn security teams are identified experts in "best in class" security technologies. In an effort to meet the constantly changing threat landscape, we have evolved with technologies, security platforms, management consoles, logging, and reporting systems.

Incident Response

Incident Response

Effective planning can be the difference when cyber attacks target your business.

While protection of your data assets is the proper first step to reducing risk and ensuring business continuity, proper detection and response planning is vital to decrease the likelihood of negative impact.

We build strategy and take appropriate action

5thColumn response management capabilities stand ready to support your organization in both planning for future attacks as well as dealing with current activity that appears malicious in nature. Our team can effectively stop an existing attack, identify and eradicate the source of a breach, properly document the impact of the activity and ultimately assist in mitigating the financial and reputational impact they may ensue.

Risk Management

Cyber Intelligence

We have a proactive stance on data security risk management.

5thColumn knows that the key to effective risk management is an effective set of information security documentation, including policies, procedures, standards and processes. This documentation starts with a thorough gap analysis of an organization's needs and existing capabilities.

By including appropriate stakeholders and understanding operational requirements, 5thColumn consistently helps organizations reduce risks and focus efforts on core business objectives.

5thColumn delivers and provides guidance to your business to ensure the proper implementation of appropriate risk management framework. Proper risk management framework is paramount to assuring the correct identification of data assets, the impact of potential incident, and reducing the likelihood of such events. By helping an organization move away from a fragmented or compartmentalized risk management solution, we bring the proven methodology and guidance necessary to implement effective risk mitigation strategy.

Take Action

Take action

Are you ready for the future?

Let us advance your enterprise to the next level of data security and cyber-threat management.

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