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"Old-style technology makes companies think they have remediated a breach but they might never have kicked the bad guys out in the first place," - says said Bill Hau, an executive at Mandiant.


Other experts say that companies have the wrong strategy in place to tackle data breaches. They can fail to spot hackers lurking on servers that have not been flagged as being breached

Attackers can "dwell" in networks for months during which time they seek to get high level administration access so they can erase evidence of their presence and thwart investigations.



INTERROGATED™ has a different methodology to get cyber criminals out by thoroughly looking through your network and closing the loops before they find them.


Interrogated™ helps visualize your network behavior, hilight any anomolies, and prevent any further mishaps.

At the same time, we set up and monitor your network's perimeter in real time so every connection is INTERROGATED before they enter.



Become the hunter in your own system so you can find loopholes and close them.


Stand guard on your enterprise's intellectual property, sensitive information, and most importantly, your company's good name.



INTERROGATED™ ThreatroSpective™ Shared Intelligence Interrogated™ DNS Phishing Defenses PacketSHADING™ Packet Fingerprinting ShadowBOX™ Suspicious Behaviour Remediation StackBOSS™ Real-time displays Your Connections Your Network

INTERROGATED™ protects your entire network infrastructure from cyber threats so you can focus on your core business objectives.


Interrogated™ snaps into your existing infrastructure so deployment is nearly turnkey. Within hours you can be filtering all incoming and outgoing data through our interrogation stack.

5C Interrogated™ builds a constant, contextual awareness (such as concern index, suspicious application behavior) from both community-fed and premium cyber-intelligence. Cyber threats are detected before they can act.





Shared Intelligence

Maximize your organization's stance against cyber-threats. THREATROSPECTIVE™ works with endless open-source and premier data intelligence to identify threats that are currently being prevented and reports on malicious traffic.

Interrogated DNS™

Phishing Defenses

Prevent phishing from exploited domain names with Interrogated™ DNS. It proactively monitors your company's domain name variations, preemptively blocking newly registered domains. It is becoming increasingly necessary to prevent the disruption that comes with this type of scenario.


Packet Fingerprinting

Prevent malicious activity with packet classification and assessment. PacketSHADING™ is a concept that was developed as a means to apply common criteria to the process of threat identification and classification.


Suspicious Behavior Remediation

Validate all your connections with behavior analysis. ShadowBOX™ analyzes behavior in real-time by simulating malicious endpoints. It is capable of full session file extraction for analysis and disposition reporting.


Real-Time Displays

Visualize your network activity like never before. StackBOSS™ is capable of identifying malicious activity across your entire enterprise in real-time. The next generation platform provides rich and stunning visualizations for just about any data set you can imagine.



INTERROGATED™ easily snaps into 5thCOLUMN's comprehensive service offerings.

2 ThreatroSpective™ Interrogated™DNSPacketSHADING™ ShadowBOX™ INTERROGATED™5C Enterprise Security5C StackBOSS™ Dashboard View FlowBOSS™ FireBOSS™ LogBOSS™ Community AppsShared Intelligence Mobile View MailBOSS™ WebBOSS™ AutomatedIR Breach Detection Security Operations CyberIntelligence24 HourSupportSecure Data Center5DriveSecure SharingBusinessIntelligenceIncidentResponse

New warning from the FBI:


- Robert S. Mueller, FBI Director"


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