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Meet Our Leadership Team

Our dedicated leadership team is the driving force behind our push to keep clients safe through innovative technology and solutions. To learn more about them, click on their photos.

Executive Committee

John Morris

John Morris LinkedIn

Chief Executive Officer

Ray Hicks

Ray Hicks LinkedIn

Founder & Chief Innovator

Chad Freese

Chad Freese LinkedIn

Chief Revenue Officer

Patrick Hayes

Patrick Hayes LinkedIn

Chief Security Officer

Crystal Jones

Crystal Jones LinkedIn

Vice President of Marketing

Rob Joy

Rob Joy LinkedIn

Chief Financial Officer

Devin Jones

Devin Jones LinkedIn

Chief Product Officer

Ryan Pisani

Ryan Pisani LinkedIn

Senior Vice President of Development

Board of Directors

Chris Galvin  


John Morris  

Chief Executive Officer, Director

Ray Hicks  

Founder, Chief Innovation Officer, Director

Chad Freese  

Chief Revenue Officer, Director

Rich Valin  


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