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Our services have been developed and refined over time to help you incorporate best practices and increase the return on existing IT investments. This approach is built on decades of technical leadership and practical, real-world experience assessing, designing, implementing and operating security solutions in most complex of environments.

Raymond is truly a industry thought leader, product visionary, and disciplined CEO leading 5thColumn's growth from start up to a global leader for SAAS based applications in the security industry. The impact of his vision for providing timely market solutions across government, corporate and financial business's for threat detection today is literally changing how CIO's approach their global networks against second by second threats.
J.Thomas Gensch - Senior Vice President Global Sales

Our unique methodology is based not only on real expertise in performing penetration tests and risk assessments, but also on a strong foundation in IT security engineering, operations management and effective policy and procedural development.

We have extensive experience in the areas of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing that has lead to the development of a highly effective assessment methodology. This helped us streamline the processes that go beyond the industry standard for Risk Assessment.

More than ever are organizations aware of costs associated with a breach, intrusion, or otherwise ineffective compliance strategy.

These factors, in conjunction with our passion for IT Security, drives us to provide a true enterprise assessment and not a routine procedure tool that will set off your existing protective measures and produce a predictive result. It should always be considered that by the nature of the exercise itself, the service provider should attempt to perform as much of the assessment in a manner that is as close to “real world” as possible and to achieve the assessment goals.

By harnessing these key attributes, Information Assurance becomes a transformative opportunity from a traditional “prohibitive” technology to one that creates optimization opportunities.

Assessment Goals

Identify the current strengths and components to be leveraged

Increase the return on existing investments

Decrease operational overhead

Proactively identify threats

Adapt to evolving business risks.

Adjustments to management procedures and policies can save you time and increase security.

While the primary objective is focused IT Security, compliance, and identification of related risks, there is also a need to assess the effectiveness of certain policies and procedures related to IT security, compliance management, and operations management, especially in the areas of system hardening, proactive management / monitoring, and incident response / remediation.

We are CDE (Credit Cardholder Data Environment) Compliant

Our Assessment tools can be leveraged for “point in time” compliance based objectives, while simultaneously enabling real-time monitoring and regulatory “proof of performance” to be later used as deliverables to engagement client. This is not only fundamentally crucial for Compliance Management of Cardholder Data Environment (CDE), but is also the elusive information critical for strategic planning and tactical response.

We are PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Compliant

The benefit of our PCI-DSS guideline approach is the ability to leverage the combined capabilities to complete not only the Point-in-time objective, but also the ability to provide a continuous risk assessment process capable of identifying or discovering emerging threats and vulnerabilities that could negatively impact the cardholder data environment. This enables your business to proactively mitigate such threats and vulnerabilities before they become incidents.

Our PCI focused assessment process includes 4 core phases:

Identify / Validate compliance or PCI related assets and threats to those assets

Qualify detected vulnerabilities and enumerate any infected endpoints identified, whether organizational or technical.

Development of recommendations & strategy to address the identified threats, or vulnerabilities that put the organization at risk.

Document the compliance management strategy adopted for mitigation of all identified threats including changes in process, technology, or the addition of compensating controls.

Our Methodology

We work with our customers to build and implement effective procedures and policies in a non-disruptive manner.

5thColumn is solving the biggest problem in cybersecurity: an easy-to-use solution that improves the performance of existing security infrastructure, thus improving the current ROI for cyber budgets.

Our security experts have worked with enterprises of all sizes, federal, state, and local government entities to identify risks, improve processes, develop effective procedures, and streamline operations through the implementation of a holistic cybersecurity framework and program.



5thColumn understands that cybersecurity is not just a network technology concern; it’s vital to the survival of any company.

We work with our customers to build strategic technology vision, mission, and goals with increased productivity in mind. Each client requirement is approached with one goal in mind: to deliver security solutions addressing defined requirements, ultimately making your organization more secure than ever before.

Expert Assessment


You'll be working with a team of cybersecurity experts, not guided through another routine procedure.

5thColumn has several levels of assessments available to provide a holistic review of a customer’s security architecture and overall readiness. It’s designed to identify vulnerabilities and provide critical insights for security strategy development. More information about assessments can be found here. (Link to Menu of Services Offered ‘MSO’).

Managed Services

Managed Services

BOSS™ provides comprehensive security monitoring and management services.

5thColumn has the unique ability to oversee day-to-day operations while also providing expert consultative services that leverage the institutional knowledge of our operations team. Combining this with reseller status gives a one stop shop for all major IT needs, uniquely positioning 5thColumn to provide consistent cost savings along with high quality business intelligence, positively impacting the bottom line.

5thColumn brings expertise of business consulting, capabilities of expert solutions, and consistency of outsourced/managed IT operations and security. This allows for a scalable infrastructure that meets the both present and future demands of the business. The infrastructure is also structured in a manner that provides the greatest impact on shareholder value, ROI, and enterprise value. More information about managed services can be found here. (Link to MSO)

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